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open house

Quaint Mobile Home – Cedar Hut

1 200 ft2
**Quaint Mobile Home** Cedar walls and siding. 1 twin bed with extra loft space for anothe ...
**Quaint Mobile Home** Cedar walls and siding. 1 twin bed with extra loft space for another twin or for storage. Ki ...
$ 25.000

Tiny House starter pak

Check out http://imgur.com/a/Dt32n for details and photos
Check out http://imgur.com/a/Dt32n for details and photos
$ 4.500

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Toylike trailer is aerodynamic, sturdy – and...

May 31, 2016
The unusual silhouette calls to mind a toy truck, and the resemblance isn’t entirely coincidental. Just like an eig ...
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Birdhouse cute, super cheap and fully furnis...

May 30, 2016
This attractive 176-square-foot tiny house is for sale by owner in Nashville, but it’s not owner-built – all the wo ...
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Rewild goes big: the upsize, upscale Whiskey...

May 26, 2016
In the year or so since Rewild Homes built their first tiny house they’ve stayed committed to basic, linear layouts ...
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After living in a dorm, her tiny house feels...

May 25, 2016
When 21-year-old Ryann Green started thinking about where she was going to live after college, the Louisiana graphi ...
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On the road in record time: super-quick Barn...

May 24, 2016
Tumbleweed says their Barn Raiser shell can save over 200 hours of labor. Patrick & Lauren Kennedy might beg to ...
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An amazing THOW from an incredible new build...

May 23, 2016
First, just take a look at this Bend, Oregon, THOW and see what you think. Go ahead, we’ll wait… Nice! A slick, pro ...
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Wishbone’s Wynette: Room to Stand by Your Ma...

May 20, 2016
Gerry and Teal, the father-and-son founders of Asheville-based Wishbone Tiny Homes, have just finished a plus-sized ...
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Young Couple Living The Tiny Dream In Wine C...

May 18, 2016
A few years ago I met Kieran while working in Santa Rosa. One day while we were chatting he told me about his plans ...
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