Smart design makes a 19th century apartment function in the modern world

Immobile and invariably on-grid, apartments are the antithesis of a couple of cherished tiny house aspirations. What they do share is a common size range, and we’ve always thought that a well-designed apartment can teach valuable lessons on how to lay out a sub-400-square-foot interior. This one’s in Wroclaw, Poland, created by architectural firm 3XA of that city. The approximately square, 312-square-foot area has been divided into two halves, each with two sections. The more open half holds a living area in one corner and a home office space in the other. In the other half, a wall divides the kitchen/dining area from an entry hall which passes next to the bathroom and under a sleeping loft. The stairs up to the loft double as the office’s bookshelf. It’s a simple, smart way to separate functional spaces without cramping anything, and although it might not work in a more rectangular THOW it would fit just fine in a small cabin. 3XA’s white-and-waferboard interior deco gives a modern style to what’s in fact a 19th century building; if it appeals to you, be sure to check out their loftless apartment at If you’d like to see more brilliant tiny apartment designs, you can find our past articles on the subject at

3XA Wroclawski Apartament 1

3XA Wroclawski Apartament 2

3XA Wroclawski Apartament 3

3XA Wroclawski Apartament 4

3XA Wroclawski Apartament 5 3XA Wroclawski Apartament 6

h/t Curbed

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