How To Build Your Own Collapsible Bowtop Gypsy Wagon

Ganesh Ruskin’s home for the past couple of years is technically a hybrid between a vardo and a sheep wagon. He calls it a collapsible bowtop gypsy wagon, and for all practical purposes you might describe it as a tent on wheels. Regardless, it functions as a living space, and he shares a detailed explanation of how to build one of your own on Instructables.


The canvas top rolls up and the hinged wooden ends fold down for extremely easy transportation of a dwelling that’s significantly sturdier and more convenient than a regular tent. It only has 32 square feet of floor space, but that’s enough room to sleep and enough room for a small stove and sink, which must make cooking and washing up a lot more pleasant when the weather isn’t.



h/t Tiny House Blog

Ganesh says he learned a lot from making and living in his wagon; he’ll build the next one a little bigger, use screws instead of nails, and trade the hinges for a windscreen so he can travel without collapsing the structure. With a little creativity you could easily customize this sort of build to suit your own needs.

Check out the Instructables website to learn how you can build your own.

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