Minimalist Simplicity Done Right – The Hornby Caravan

The latest model from Michelle Wilson’s Hornby Island Caravans, the Ledge-Style Caravan makes a roomy guesthouse when family comes visiting – a family, that is, because it’s designed to sleep up to four with a double bed at the end and a couple of cushioned benches along the sides. The benches can serve as couches during the day, and there’s plenty of space for suitcases underneath them and the platform that supports the double bed. The caravan also has overhead lights, but no plumbing, which means that cooking or washing must be done in the hosts’ house.










h/t Tiny House Swoon

To be sure, the Hornby Caravan is minimalist in design, and doesn’t have everything you might want in a full-time residence. However some people might see it as a great example of the KISS principle in action, a well thought out design – for example the Ledge-Style is perfect as a private sleeping area for your guests, and Michelle hasn’t introduced any unnecessary complexity or expense trying to make it anything else. (She has other models for other needs, so be sure to take a look at her website if you like how this one’s built.)

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