Forest model from Migration Tiny Homes 3379 Rebecca Dr, Summerfield, NC 27358, USA
Posted on Jun 9, 2017 / 2237

Price : $45,000
Listing Types : Tiny houses
Item Type : For sale
Square feet : 210sf
Bedrooms : 1 bedroom
Contact phone number : 336-601-4653


1.       Size – 8’6” X 20’ not counting the 7’ X 5’ hinged porch and 13’1” tall meets all DOT regulations so no special permit required.


2.       Square footage -160 square feet- counting the King sized sleeping loft 7’6” X 7’6”  is 216 square feet


3.       Trailer- dual 5200# axles with breaks on all wheels


4.       Weight- approximately 9,000 #’s


6.       Windows – West Window in Martinsville, VA low-E, argon gas filled painted vinyl exterior wood interior


7.       Window styles-  Double hung (top and bottom sash both operate) all ground floor and small storage loft


          King sized sleeping loft (2) awning style –tilt up and (1) casement opens a full 90 degrees to the left and meets egress requirements (in case of fire you can get out)


8.       Power source- Green Cycle Design Group in Winston- Salem, NC (6) 220 volt panels (16)  lithium Ion storage batteries and 3000 watt inverter (converts DC battery power to 110 volt AC that runs standard appliances) powers complete house.


9.       Plan B Power source- high usage and limited sun standard 110 extension cord to recharge batteries


10.   Hot water – EccoTemp Liquid Propane (LP) on demand hot water heater


11.   Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) – 4.5” thick 8’ tall X 24’ wide make up the walls, roof and floor.


12.   Oak Ridge National Laboratory tested the 4.5” SIPs to outperform 2 X 6 16” on center construction and 50% greater energy savings.


13.   SIPs have other advantages: quite, cleaner home and healthier indoor air quality due to stopping air infiltration. Plus the continuous OSB means you can hang a picture or cabinets without having to find a stud.


14. is a great resource


15.   Wood – shaped and installed by Vanhoy Enterprises in Richfield, NC


 Exterior is 100% Eastern Red Cedar


Interior walls are a combination of Poplar and Maple that has been pickled with a white wash.


Cabinets and Countertop are Poplar


Counter top is stained and then a pour on resin that is used in boat building and provides a hard durable shell- polyurethane will yellow and not as durable.


Hardwood floor is Red Oak and will be stained darker than the counter top.


                The bathroom will be Cypress on walls & floor (Cypress loves  & lives in water)


16.    Water storage tanks: (2) 45 gallon fresh water, (1) 40 gallon grey water and (1) 40 gallon black water tank. Making us completely self sufficient with water power and hot water.


17.   Sinks: oiled rubbed bronze hand hammered farmer sink in kitchen with matching small oval vessel (sits on top of countertop) in the bathroom.


Air conditioning
Composting toilet
SIPs panels
Sleeping loft
Solar power
Storage loft