NCHS Tiny House 414 East Chestnut, Ness City, KS 67560
Posted on Jul 6, 2017 / 965

Price : $50,000
Listing Types : Tiny houses
Item Type : For sale
Square feet : 330sf
Type of tiny house : On Wheels
Bedrooms : 2 bedroom
Contact phone number : 7857982210

From a pile of metal and wood, a Tiny House has arisen just outside the back door of the Ness City High School Woodshop in Tiny Ness City, Kansas.  Two classes of carpentry students were challenged to come up with an idea that would provide them with the experience they needed to learn all aspects of building a home, and produce a product that was marketable in a struggling economy.  The students decided to look at this challenge in a new way.  Instead of simply looking at it as a typical woodshop challenge, they looked at it as a business challenge in a global economy.

While the housing market may be struggling in Ness County, it isn’t struggling everywhere.  So how do we build a home that could be marketed to someone outside of our geographical area or from another State.  Research and discussions led to the Tiny House Project.
The exciting thing about this project is that our students will receive the experience of building all aspects of a home, and learn about the global economy in which they live and work.  This process has led to students reaching out over social media to different individuals and organizations that are involved in the Tiny House Movement.  It has opened their world up to how things work outside of the tiny community in which they live.  They have learned much more than the typical carpentry skills taught in a typical classroom.
The Tiny House is 206 square feet on the lower level and 330 square feet when including the 2 lofts.  There are two sleeping lofts, providing sleeping place for 1 King or Queen bed and 1 Full bed.  The House has a complete kitchen, bathroom, laundry area, and all the amenities of a typical home, just on a smaller scale.  The home will be certified by Pacific West Tiny Homes, making it a certified Tiny Home RV.  This youtube link will direct you to a virtual tour of the home done by the students that manufactured it.

The classes welcome any questions and inquires about the Tiny House, and would be willing to accept an offer.  They are also willing to deliver the home as part of the final contract.

Air conditioning
Composting toilet
SIPs panels
Sleeping loft
Solar power
Storage loft