Small Artisan-Crafted Tiny House on Converted 1972 Classic Dodge Truck — Perfect Writer’s Cabin, One-Person Getaway, or Snug Couple’s Retreat 3118 Mission Drive, Santa Ynez, CA, United States
Posted on May 26, 2017 / 1776

Price : $14,000
Listing Types : Tiny houses
Item Type : For sale
Square feet : 120sf
Type of tiny house : On Wheels
Bedrooms : 1 bedroom

(Note: our price is $14,000 or best offer.)

A snug but beautiful artisan-crafted tiny house. The floor, walls, and ceiling were hand-cut and sanded by an experienced professional carpenter with years of experiencing making tiny houses. The builder used all reclaimed materials–wood from the famous, historical Miramar Hotel in Santa Barbara, California for the tiny house’s walls and, for its ceiling and rafters, hand-carved beams from a Redwood tree that fell in San Luis Obispo County. The builder also used a special insulation material made from recycled denim jeans, which provides a non-toxic alternative to traditional insulation.

It has space for a desk, a few small appliances, and it includes a bed loft that can fit a full size mattress.

The space is small, but it is perfect for a writer’s cabin, artist studio, music rehearsal/recording space, a one-person getaway, or a snug couple’s retreat.

It has an electrical box with two three-prong outlets. It uses an external cable that would be plugged into an external power source. (For example, the tiny house is currently parked on a residential property, and we have the external power cable plugged into a nearby garage.) Using two power strips, it is enough to power a small fridge, microwave, TV, game system/blu-ray player, lamp, two LED lighting systems, a coffee maker, a fan/heater, and a record player.

It has three large windows for nice cross-breezes, a storage loft above the door, and a vaulted ceiling with Redwood beams.

The tiny house, which was built on a converted 1972 classic Dodge moving truck, has a powered lift ramp on the back which we’ve used as a back porch, but it also comes in handy for moving bulky items up and down into the tiny house.

Please note:

-No toilet/plumbing/water set-up, so you will need to bring in your own portable toilet set-up or be situated near a facility with bathrooms.

-For a small kitchenette, I brought in a small, very simple sink and used a pressured portable shower system to provide water (and had a portable, make-shift drain bucket under the sink).

-The truck is non-driving currently and would either need a touch-up by a mobile mechanic to get back on the road again or be towed to your location. It was driven when the tiny house was first made in the early 2010s, but has been non-operational for a year or so because some repairs are needed. It likely needs a new battery and it needs a mechanic to check everything over and see what else needs repair before it drives again.

-This tiny house is ideal as a retreat location or separate getaway spot where you are content to have a simple/sparse lifestyle–desk, a bed, and a few electrical appliances in a small but beautifully crafted space. One person can make it a satisfying long-term living situation if the person has nearby access to bathroom/kitchen facility or doesn’t mind bringing in small portable toilet/kitchen set-ups. A couple who doesn’t mind the close quarters might also enjoy it.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a writer or artist who already has living accommodations but would like a separate working studio/sleeping quarters, this tiny house is perfect for that situation. (I’m a writer myself, and I’ve spent long hours writing in this tiny house and have absolutely loved its hand-carved wood quality, its privacy, its comfy sleeping loft with a window looking out over the world, and its charming hand-made features, from the green-painted wood floor to the unique red irrigation handle for a doorknob to the beautifully carved Redwood beams in the vaulted ceiling.

Air conditioning
Composting toilet
SIPs panels
Sleeping loft
Solar power
Storage loft