Tiny House Ashland, OR, United States
Posted on Mar 2, 2017 / 1821

Price : $31,000
Listing Types : Tiny houses
Item Type : For sale
Square feet : 150sf
Type of tiny house : On Wheels
Bedrooms : 1 bedroom
Contact phone number : 541 784 7290

This tiny house is approximately 2 1/2 years old. It is road worthy and has been moved 3 times with no issues. We are asking 31,800. Below is some specific info about the house.

-It was built about 2 1/2 years ago and was lived in it for just over two years.
-It is built on a 8 1/2′ x 18′ Tiny House purpose built trailer.
-Walls, ceiling, and floor are 2×4 construction.
-Walls, ceiling, and floor are all insulated. Floor with foam board, walls with fiberglass batting, and ceiling with fiber glass batting. (In the winter it would stay warm if we had a slow cooker on. In the summer we had a small AC unit in a window to keep it cool.)
-It is wired like a house as opposed to an RV (110v). It is set up with a sub panel in the house that has dedicated breakers for different areas in the house. You can hard wire the tiny house into other houses or run it off of an extension cord.
-It has a full kitchen
-Vintage 4 burner Wedgewood propane stove with oven (Works well)
-Apartment size fridge
-2 basin sink
-Cupboards and shelves
-On demand propane water heater with automated freeze prevention. (This is a treat, you can shower for hours.)
-Sediment filter and water pump installed. This will allow the house to be hooked up to city water, well water, or streams. The pump will also boost poor water pressure.
-Composting toilet installed. There are water lines that could be used to install a flush toilet if necessary.
-2 lofts:
-One large loft (A little bigger than a queen bed. we had a full mattress up there and had space for additional storage and a end table)
-One small loft (A bit bigger than a twin mattress)
-Hard wood floors in the main area.
-Linoleum tile in the bathroom.
-Dining room table with storage
-Antique steamer chest couch
-Mobile front poach

Air conditioning
Composting toilet
SIPs panels
Sleeping loft
Solar power
Storage loft