Don’t Think You Can Build A Log Cabin For $500? This Guy Did Just That!

Building something really cheaply is a lot easier when you don’t have to pay for the materials. Some people are able to go that route by scavenging for reclaimed lumber, but the builder of this log cabin in northern Canada didn’t have to: if there’s one thing he had a lot of on the heavily-wooded property, it’s logs, and he put them to use. (He did do a little repurposing as well – the front door used to be his coffee table.) He ended up with a cozy 100-square-foot cabin complete with a sleeping loft, woodstove, small cooking area, and enough seating for half a dozen friends.














Images © OutsideFun1 | h/t Tiny House Talk

This guy is a true pioneer in every sense of the word, and while most of us couldn’t live in this sort of extreme situation, you can’t help but admire his resourcefulness. And for $500 or so, he built something that fits his needs perfectly. Of course, when you have a piece of land in a remote place where no building codes exist, plus some friends willing to lend a hand with construction, it makes things a lot easier.

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