The Surprisingly Functional 56sf “Hobbit Hutch”

Elevated on a trailer rather than submerged in the earth, James Mangum’s 56-square-foot mini-vardo probably owes more to the Romanichal than to JRR Tolkien. Either way, it’s a charming micro-dwelling and quite functional with an air conditioner and various other pint-sized appliances, a kitchen sink, and a dining table that pulls out from the built-in bed. The woodstove is merely decorative and at present there are no bathroom facilities, but James is planning to add a cassette toilet and propane-heated shower to the 20-foot porch (as well as some privacy curtains, naturally!). James, who earns his living painting and carving images of saints, makes his home in the Hobbit Hutch in the tiny artists’ community of Shinerville, Texas.



hobbit-hutch-2 hobbit-hutch-3

hobbit-hutch-4h/t Tiny House Swoon

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