Can’t Decide Between Camping And Boating? Do Both With The Sealander.

Have you ever been camping near a lake or ocean and thought to yourself, “Man I wish we could hit those open waters”?  Prepare to be landlocked no more. Like some cross-evolutionary mammal, the Sealander adapts to your whim, functioning as a camper on dry land and a pleasure cruising boat on the water. The design comes to us from some intrepid German engineers, who fitted the towable camper with a small outboard motor that propels the two-person camper in shallow and calm waters. Cross-Atlantic missions are not suggested.

The interior is well-appointed, with bench seats, a small sink, stereo system and a huge “sunroof” that opens wide.


Panoramic windows allow for plenty of visibility, so you can soak in your surroundings without getting soaking wet.



A smooth fiberglass hull ensures durability, while keeping the weight down.



Of course, you’re probably wondering about the price and given the hand-built nature and German heritage, it’s certainly not cheap at around $25k to start. Visit the Sealander website to learn more

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