Students Design 70 sq. ft. Portable Home You Can Easily Tow

A lot of tiny houses are built on wheels for one reason or another, but many of them aren’t actually all that easy to move around. Here’s one that is: the OTIS (Optimal Traveling Independent Space) designed and built a couple of years ago by the students of the Renewable Energy and Ecological Design (REED) program at Green Mountain College in Vermont. The highly aerodynamic 8×12 foot OTIS fits on a standard trailer and is light enough to haul with a compact car.


The design students obviously put a lot of thought into both aesthetics and the practicalities of tiny house construction. The OTIS looks great and boasts solar electricity, rainwater collection, and kitchen and bathroom facilities including a sink and a composting toilet. There’s also room for a bed, desk and wood-burning stove in the 70-square-foot interior. Professor Lucas Brown suggests the OTIS will appeal to younger people who want freedom of movement and freedom from mortgage payments. It’s priced at around $10,000.





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