This Tiny Coffee Shop on Wheels Makes Sense

You have no doubt seen the rise in popularity of food trucks, but what about tiny house shops? From Tree Heads & Co. of Tokyo comes the Green Roof Tiny Shop, which now sells coffee and snacks to commuters near a bus stop in rural Japan. It’s swathed in blackened cypress shingles and topped by currently yellow but soon to be green, flower-covered roof. There’s not room for much inside except for the cashier, a customer or two, and some nice wooden shelves for the merchandise. Perhaps this sort of thing will catch on with mobile businesses looking to upgrade from the normal “tent and table” setup. We think it could do pretty well, especially if you have an adorable little girl poking her head out the window.

Green Roof Tiny Shop 2

Green Roof Tiny Shop 3

Green Roof Tiny Shop 1


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