Ultimate Roundup of The Best DIY Tiny House Plans

Hand picked designs from the best builders around

One of the most common requests we get is for tiny house plans and designs that you can use to construct your own home. With a growing abundance of builders out there specializing in tiny house designs, we took some time to gather together the best of the best in one place. Below you’ll find examples from Tumbleweed, Four Lights, and several other respected builders.

While there are free plans out there, they don’t often include enough details, and can often create more questions than answers. The professional plans below include everything you’ll need to get started building your next tiny house, including detailed floor plans, material lists, transverse plans, foundation plans, and exterior details.

Index of tiny house plans:

Be sure to bookmark this page, as we will update it with new plans as we find them. If you have any suggestions feel free to get in touch or leave a comment below.

Tiny Project

Tiny hOMe

Vina’s Tiny House

The Tiny Project

Alek Lisefski made waves when he built this modern style tiny house on wheels. Lucky for you he released full building plans, with several variations available depending on what you’re looking for, from a basic SketchUp file to a full construction PDF.

Get The Tiny Project plans

Tiny House Build – hOMe

Andrew and Gabriella have built one of the coolest tiny houses, period. Dubbed “hOMe” it brings a fresh, modern take on design and incorporates a lot of great design elements.

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Tiny Tack House

Now you can get plans for Bill and Melissa’s OUTSTANDING design, the bright, airy, 140sf Tiny Tack House.

Get The Tiny Tack House plans

Tumbleweed Tiny Houses

One of the most prolific builders in the tiny house industry, Tumbleweed Tiny Houses makes some of the most recognized designs around.


The Elm is perhaps Tumbleweed’s most iconic tiny house design, with a timeless design that’s appealing on many levels. It features a custom arched window above the door. Optional dormers are available in the loft for added space, light, and cross breeze. The full porch and lancet window give this exterior design the charm and elegance that started it all.

Get plans for the Elm here

The Cypress

The Cypress makes great use of its interior space, and also includes a recessed corner porch and a unique hipped roof. This is another hugely popular design that’s indicative of the Tumbleweed aesthetic.

Get plans for the Cypress here

The Linden

At just 131 sq. ft. the Linden is a bit smaller than some of their other designs but doesn’t lack on visual appeal. With a dormer style window on the roof that lets in light and adds to the proportions, and a full porch across the front to relax on it’s big on style.

Get plans for the Linden here

The Mica

This modern design strays from their typical architecture, but offers a lot of character regardless, with a sleek look that’s capped off by hot rolled weathering steel siding. The floor plan is spacious and open, with a full size bedroom, separate kitchen and bath, and great views.

Get plans for the Mica here

The Bodega

Moving away from the trailer-built tiny houses, the Bodega is the smallest and perhaps cutest cottage in the Tumbleweed lineup. It comes in at 261 sq. ft. but also has an option for a bedroom which takes it up to 356 sq. ft. This is a charming design that would be great for a summer getaway.

Get plans for the Bodega here

The Vesica

This new design, dubbed the “Vesica” is 289 square feet but that doesn’t include the loft above. With an optional bedroom downstairs the overall size would go up to 384 square feet.

Get plans for the Vesica here

The Harbinger

This small house can be extended up to 404 square feet with the addition of a single bedroom, and comes with plans for an optional loft above the great room, or a 1/2 loft with a cathedral ceiling over the great room. A versatile design for sure, with tons of style.

Get plans for the Harbinger here

The Enesti

The Enesti is the largest design so far, with plans that can accomodate 2 or 3 bedrooms at a size of 746 or 874 sq. ft. respectively. It has two stories, each 7’6″ tall and can be easily built on a post & pier or slab foundation.

Get plans for the Enesti here

The Sebastarosa

The Sebastaros name comes from combining the towns of Santa Rosa and Sebastapol, where Tumbleweed headquarters are. It’s one of their largest homes with options for 2 or 3 bedrooms, which have sloped ceilings upstairs and closets positioned in the lower ceiling space for maximum utilization of space.

Get plans for the Sebastarosa here

The Whidbey

At just 461 square feet with one bedroom, or 557 sq. ft. with two bedrooms, the Whidbey offers enough space to live comfortably. We love the pitched roof, and the use of windows to bring in ample light. There’s also a loft that’s not included in the square footage. With so much charm, this is perhaps one of our favorite designs for any tiny house!

Get plans for the Whidbey here

Tumbleweed Tiny Houses Whidbey

The Loring

This pocket sized home comes in at 261 sq. ft. or 356 if you add the optional bedroom. It also has options for a sleeping loft upstairs or a cathedral ceiling if you prefer a more open layout. This has the same design as the Bodega but the roofline has been altered for a different curb appeal.

Get plans for the Loring here

Tumbleweed tiny houses loring

The B-53

The largest home they offer, the B-53 can include two or three bedrooms for up to 874 square feet of space. The top floor contains two of the bedrooms, each with a sloped ceiling and storage built into the side.

Get plans for the B-53 here

The Z-Glass

Similar in look and feel to the Mica, the Z-Glass strays from the traditional architecture and favors a modern design, with a rolled hot steel exterior and plenty of windows. Unlike many of their larger designs, this can be transported with a wide load permit since it’s only 14′ wide.

Get plans for the Z-Glass here

Z-Glass House Tumbleweed

Four Lights Tiny Houses

Jay Shafer decided to part ways with Tumbleweed to form his own company, known as Four Lights Tiny Houses. He has been a pioneer when it comes to the movement, and his designs are second to none.

The Zinn

The smallest in their lineup, the Zinn is affordable and simple to construct compared to many others. It takes on a traditional craftsman style look and features a 9’8″ tall cathedral ceiling, a bathroom, and a sleeping loft with a skylight that adds to the charm.

Get plans for the Zinn here

The Zinn tiny house plans

The Beavan

With its pillars next to the entrance and the extended overhang, this stately looking tiny home has a lot of character packed into just 112 square feet. It shows off a rustic California craftsman style, with a standing seam metal roof, cedar board and batten siding, and a cute little porch that will keep you dry. This design was selected as an “Editors Choice” winner at MAKE Magazines New York 2011 Maker Faire.

Get plans for the Beavan here

Beavan tiny house design plans

The Gifford

This is one of Jay’s newer designs, with a 7′ x 16′ footprint and firm roots in the American craftsman style home. On the outside it appears beefy and thick, but enter and you’ll be greeted with a nice open space with cathedral ceiling and two skylights.

Get plans for the Gifford here

Jay Shafer Gifford house plans

The Marmara

This is one of Jay’s larger designs, coming in at 262 square feet, which doesn’t include the loft space (another 200+ square feet). It has a full sized bed downstairs, a kitchen, washroom, and living area. It also boasts more than 70 square feet of storage and can accommodate four adults.

Get plans for the Marmara here

Marmara tiny house plans

The Weller

One of Jay’s most popular designs, built for towing, is the Weller. The asymettrical style front brings a unique design to this tiny house and it employs the traditional craftsman style principles of simplicity, natural materials, and authentic craftsmanship.

Get plans for the Weller here

Jay Shafer weller house plans

The Marie Colvin

Out of all Jay’s designs, this is my favorite, bringing 288+ square feet to the table and a terrific design that incorporates a bump-out dining nook, a downstairs bedroom, two large lofts, a kitchen, and ample storage. It also comes with designs for an attached shed!

Get plans for the Marie Colvin here

Marie Colvin tiny house design

Tiny Home Builders

This company is owned by Dan Louche, another veteran in the industry who has been involved with tiny house design, planning, and education since 2009 when he built his first one for his mom. Now he offers an assortment of resources, including ebooks, dvds, plans and more.

Tiny Living

The Tiny Living house is built on a trailer, maximizing its efficiency in terms of where it can be placed. At 20′ long it offers ample room for a sleeping area, living quarters, kitchen, and bathroom.

Get plans for the Tiny Living House here

Tiny Studio

Maybe you’re looking for a writer’s retreat, or just a small living area to escape into the wilderness. The Tiny Studio offers just that, with a modern layout that incorporates a pull out bed that doubles as seating, a decent amount of storage, and a bathroom with shower.

Get plans for the Tiny Studio here

Tiny house studio plans

Tinier Living

The Tinier Living studio comes in at just 12′ long, offering a cute alternative to the longer trailers you’ve seen. It still has a full kitchen, living, and sleeping area and open feel thanks to a well-designed layout.

Get plans for the Tinier Living House here

Tiny Retirement

The Tiny Retirement plan builds on a 20′ trailer and offers a spacious layout with a bathroom at one end, and a full size bed or pullout at the other. This is a great design for those who don’t want to climb a ladder to get to bed.

Get plans for the Tiny Retirement House here

Tiny Retirement house plans

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