Toylike trailer is aerodynamic, sturdy – and 100% DIY

The unusual silhouette calls to mind a toy truck, and the resemblance isn’t entirely coincidental. Just like an eighteen-wheeler semi, Adam’s teardrop trailer is optimized for smooth aerodynamic flow on the highway. Adam (and a few friends) built the tiny home on wheels on top of a used trailer body back in 2010. The platform, walls and roof are structural insulated panels which Adam put together himself out of fir plywood and framed with spruce 2×2s. For extra protection, the front, top and rear are sheathed in a waterproof membrane covered by high tensile steel. Complete with a totally DIY kitchen and bathroom – Adam made the shower stall from foam, waterproof acrylic and fiberglass tape – and equipped with a 110-volt electrical inlet and a 20-gallon water tank, the trailer soon proved its roadworthiness on a winter migration from Oregon to California.

Aerodynamic 1

Aerodynamic 2

Aerodynamic 3

Aerodynamic 4

h/t Tiny House Talk

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