Hand-Built Gypsy Wagon Overflowing With Antique Detail

Inspired by childhood memories of The Wind in the Willows, author and woodworker Jim Tolpin has been building gypsy wagons for close to 40 years. His first was added onto the back of a Ford pickup truck, but as he learned more about the subject his creations became ever more faithful to the original vardos of 19th century England. The Trillium, built in 2007, may just be his masterpiece. Jim’s didn’t do the stained glass or painting himself (he’s quick to give well-deserved credit to the artisans who did), but the overall design was his, and the total effect is amazing. This is simply one of the most beautiful gypsy wagons we’ve laid eyes on.


The 70-square-foot wagon doesn’t have plumbing, so bathing and cooking need to be done elsewhere. But it’s wired for electricity (both from a deep cycle battery and from external connection), has a coal stove for heat, and is street-legal and eminently mobile. It’s also for sale in New York State at $66,900 – a chance to own a piece of history and a piece of art at the same time.










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