Grandparents Convert Two Old Streetcars Into One Strikingly Beautiful Home

This charming small home in Santa Cruz, California belongs to Gerhard and Mary Ringel, who in remodeling it may have overcompensated for its previously run-down condition just a tiny bit. While it looks like a normal house from the outside (or as normal as possible with that color scheme), it’s actually composed of two century-old streetcars joined at the hip to give 750 square feet of floor space. That becomes more apparent once you get inside and see the characteristic curved ceiling, which has been jazzed up with full-length faux stained glass panels which let in multi-hued sunlight during the day and are set off by their own LEDs at night. Pink and lime green walls, a rose red daybed, a big blue couch and multicolored floor tiles in the kitchen add to the kaleidoscopic carnival. The other section, containing the bedroom and the bathroom, is a little more subdued color-wise but still thoroughly baroque in its furnishings and fixtures, which include a vintage claw-foot bathtub and several antique wooden bureaus.













Photos via Houzz | h/t Tiny Home Tour

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