Think “Prefab” Equals Cheap? You Haven’t Seen The Haven Small Home

Oregon prefab manufacturer Ideabox has been busy working on an all-new small house, the Haven, which at 765 square feet joins the middle of their lineup between the 240-square-foot mini.rv and the giant 1,700-square-foot Confluence. And a very Goldilocks place it is! The 53 feet from the European-style kitchen at one end to the sliding glass doors of the bedroom at the other are divided into three or four sections, depending on how you look at it. The kitchen/dining/living areas are open to each other, but a built-in cooking/dining island with a beautiful Cambria quartz surface divides them functionally. The Haven narrows in the middle into a hallway which travels past laundry facilities and the bathroom before reaching the spacious, private bedroom. Like other Ideabox models, it includes high-end fixtures and appliances, is built with durable materials such as fiber cement and Galvalume coated steel, and comes with a five-year warranty. It’s priced at $125,000.

Ideabox Haven 1

Ideabox Haven 2

Ideabox Haven 8

Ideabox Haven 3

Ideabox Haven 4

Ideabox Haven 5

Ideabox Haven 6

Ideabox Haven 7Photos by Ideabox | For more information

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