Miniature Denmark Home Shows Off A Clever Design & Decorating

Although by modern standards its 527 square feet would make for a decent sized studio apartment, this Danish townhouse probably wasn’t considered “tiny” when it was built in 1894. And some clever interior design work by its current owners goes to show that while size preferences may have changed over the past century, the amount of space you actually need to live comfortably really hasn’t. A partition attached to a structural column divides the ground floor into a narrow entryway, kitchen, dining room, and living room in that order. It’s a nice way to separate the different areas with minimal reduction in floor space. Placing the single bathroom upstairs adjacent to the bedroom has resulted in “just-right” Goldilocks sizing for those two spaces and leaves additional room for downstairs activities. It would be a great house if you stopped there, but it gets even better – step out the back door and you’re in an enclosed flagstone patio used for dining and recreation in good weather.









527-Sq-Ft-Townhouse-Denmark-002-600x400h/t Tiny House Talk

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