Alpine’s space-efficient, loaded new cedar custom build

Open the red door to Alpine Tiny Homes’ new cedar-clad custom build and you could easily think you’ve stepped into the entryway of a regular house. You’re in a spacious area with stairs and a hallway in front of you and coat storage to your right… It turns out to be an illusion, though: this is actually a 24-foot THOW, and you’re standing in the living room. There will soon be a couch to the left and a 55-inch TV in the cabinets to the right. Walking forward you pass an 8-foot closet and a built-in cafeteria style dining table for two before coming to the very well-designed kitchen, which manages to fit a full-sized Samsung refrigerator and oven, 30-inch sink, washer, dryer, and a surprising number of cabinets into not very much space at all – and, with a faux-stone tile backsplash, look good doing it! The bathroom is also quite pleasant, particularly the sink, which is right at the end and surrounded by three windows (there’s a fold-down mirror above it, too). A flush toilet, shower stall with rainfall showerhead, and digital on-demand water heater complete the room. As for the loft, it’s a sizable 8×8 space with a privacy wall on one end, storage cabinets on the other, and windows on each side. Heating and AC is provided by a remote control ductless unit. Alpine has packed a lot into this house; there’s no word on how much it cost, but for comparison their 28-foot Teton went for $65,000. There aren’t many pictures available yet, either, so be sure to check out the video tour at the bottom to get the whole story.




h/t Tiny House Talk

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