Folding Walls Open To Reveal A Surprisingly Bright And Stylish Tiny Home

F9 Productions is a young Colorado architectural firm that seems to do a bit of everything – traditional single-family homes, duplexes, shotgun houses, even arcology design. And yes, a tiny house on wheels, the Atlas. It’s a very compact 196 square feet on an 8×18 double-axle trailer, very sturdy thanks to light gauge tube steel framing, and very secure since it’s almost completely wrapped in sheet metal. ‘Almost completely’ because the lower half of the starboard side is a wood which folds out to make a lovely deck sheltered by a similarly fold-out metal awning. Behind those is an entire wall of floor-to-ceiling glass, which does wonders to open up what’s really a very narrow interior.

Atlas 1

Atlas 2

Atlas 3

Atlas 4

Atlas 5

h/t Tiny House Talk

But while there may not be a lot of room to stretch out inside, all the necessities of daily living are there: a sitting area with a sofa bed, a small kitchen and bathroom, and storage under the stairs leading up to the sleeping loft. Electrical and sewer hookups are built in, but the Atlas is equipped with solar panels, a rain collection system and a backup generator for off-grid capability as well. All in all, it’s a pretty comprehensive package for the $75,000 base price.

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