Brevard’s Fort Austin: balanced living space, standout stairs

Brevard has been one of our favorite tiny house builders for quite a while; we love them for their unpretentious style, build quality and affordable prices – as well as their intelligently thought out interiors. Take their new $52,000 Fort Austin as a great example of that. Its 24-foot length is very well balanced between the central kitchen/dining area and the living room and bathroom/laundry room on the ends. None of the spaces is very big; none of them feels small, either. It’s an almost perfect adaptation of functional spaces to a tiny living scale. (‘Almost’ because the kitchen probably wouldn’t satisfy a true culinary enthusiast, although it looks just fine for more casual cooks.) Then there are two full-sized sleeping lofts up top. To get to one of them you climb a roll-out wooden ladder; to get to the other you take the stairs. And has Brevard found a great place for those stairs! They’re tucked away in one corner of the bathroom, which has two big advantages over the more conventional placement along a side wall: They take up absolutely no space in the main living area, and as they’re surrounded on all sides they’re some of the safest stairs we’ve seen in a tiny house. There’s even storage space under every tread. A great idea, and just another reason why Brevards are always worth a second look.


brevard-fort-austin-2 brevard-fort-austin-4



brevard-fort-austin-5 brevard-fort-austin-6




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