Woman Builds Tiny House For 25k, Then Gives It Away

Many people take a year or two to build a tiny house. It’s a long, often arduous journey, but they keep their eyes on the prize – moving into a place that’s their own in every way – and persevere. Then there’s Donna. The no-nonsense resident of Port Charlotte, Florida, polished off this homey tiny house on wheels in a mere four months – and then immediately handed it over to her son and his girlfriend. While you’re waiting for the tiny house fairy godmother to give you one of your own, take a look at what Donna managed to accomplish for just $25,000.

Couple’s 25k home 9

It has two lofts, one a bedroom and one an entertainment area, as well as a fairly spacious living room downstairs. The kitchen, although a little short on shelf space, has a full-refrigerator and a standard oven with a four-burner stove, and even finds room for a washer/dryer unit under the counter. The bathroom features a composting toilet and a big bathtub. The bathroom and kitchen sinks are large enough to be quite user-friendly too.

Couple’s 25k home 1

Couple’s 25k home 2

Couple’s 25k home 3

Couple’s 25k home 4

Couple’s 25k home 5

Couple’s 25k home 6

Couple’s 25k home 7

Couple’s 25k home 8

h/t Tiny House Talk

There’s so much to like about what Donna did with this house – and how quickly and cheaply she did it – that you might wonder if there’s a career as a tiny house builder in her future. But it seems building one was just something she wanted to try and she’ll now be moving on to other things. We wish her the best in whatever those are…

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