Darrell Builds Himself A Tiny Offgrid Homestead

The house is basically a storage shed, the porch a tacked-on afterthought, and some of those angles look a little catawampus. But, hey – Darrell may not be winning an architecture award anytime soon, but he gets big points for living his dream, and this building is what’s letting him do it. The dream is to support himself by raising deer for organic venison on an Indiana farm, and thanks to his low-cost house and a good deal of summertime gardening, Darrell’s making a go of it. A woodstove for heat and a gas stove for cooking are about the only indoor amenities, but you get the feeling that Darrell doesn’t spend too much time inside anyway. When he’s not gardening or tending his herd of deer he can usually be found canoeing or hunting depending on the season.

Darrell 1

Darrell 3

Darrell 4

Darrell 2

h/t Homestead Notes

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