Handcrafted 144sf Park Model Home

A hundred and forty-four square feet, an 8×18 footprint, really isn’t a lot of area for a house. If you want to fit everything in it, everything’s going to be pretty small, and that’s a little more obvious than usual in this tiny house on wheels from North Park Homes and Cabins, a Wisconsin builder of custom park model RVs. The living area’s quite short and there’s only room for one person in the kitchen – and he’ll have to leave if someone else wants to use the bathroom. So how come this doesn’t look as spacious as a lot of tiny homes this size? Look carefully at the photos, and particularly the floor plan, and you’ll find the answer: storage, with an actual walkthrough closet in back and a set of deep shelves across from the woodstove.

North Park 1

There’s also a storage loft, storage under the couch, under the kitchen countertop. It’s a very practical design in that regard, and even off-grid capable with the aforementioned stove, a composting toilet and solar panels. The house is also nice to look at, with a cheerful red roof and trim and pine outside and in (stained and unstained respectively). North Park is offering the shell for $35,000, or can customize and finish it to your specifications.

North Park 2

North Park 3

North Park 4 North Park 5

North Park 6 North Park 7

North Park 8

North Park 9

h/t Tiny House Talk

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