How This Guy Turned A Tiny House Dream Into Reality

John Marshall doesn’t own a tiny house company – he categorizes his Zephyrhills, Florida, Marshall Services as a home improvement business. But with 15 years of varied experience in the construction trade he’s up for pretty much anything that comes his way (he even does a little boat building), so when Cy Englert asked him to help with a 134-square-foot tiny house on wheels he was working on, John readily agreed. Cy did a lot of the less technical work himself (and kept a blog on it) while turning some of the more specialized tasks – the roofing, in particular – over to John.

Marshall Services 1

Marshall Services 2

Marshall Services 3

Marshall Services 4

Marshall Services 5

The bright yellow result of the collaboration is called the Sunflower and features a small sitting area at the entryway, a spacious kitchen occupying most of its length, and a bathroom complete with sink, shower stall and a composting toilet under the sleeping loft at the other end. It’s got some built-in flexibility, too: Plumbing for a conventional toilet is already in place if you want to hook it up, while batteries and an inverter make it easy to take it off grid if you want to go in that direction. Cy’s already planning his next tiny house and has the Sunflower on the market for $55,000; just email him if you’re interested.

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