Quebec Builder’s “Lumbec” Tiny Home Shows Off Stunning Craftsmanship

Lumbec is a Quebec outfit that’s been doing sheds, decks and gazebos since 1978. Last year, reasoning that “the tiny house movement is here to stay”, they put together a 136-square-foot prototype that premiered at the 2015 Festival des mini-maisons. Built with a mix of new and reclaimed wood, it fits the sitting area into a triangular bump-out at the front.

Lumbec 1

This leaves space in the middle for a roomy dining area and a kitchen with stainless steel counters on both sides of the aisle, so it looks like cooking and eating could be a much more communal affair here than in many tiny houses. At the rear is a bathroom with shower and toilet, and up above there’s a sleeping loft with room for a chest of drawers and a king-size bed. Having done a commendable job of creating a pleasant living space in a very small area, Lumbec is giving themselves a little more room to work with on their next build, a 24-footer they started in January.

Lumbec 2

Lumbec 3

Lumbec 6

Lumbec 4

Lumbec 5

Lumbec 7

Photos courtesy Lumbec

Learn more about this builder at their website found here.

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