They Started With A School Bus, And Built A Micro 70 Sq. Ft. House Above It

But where’s the bus? We didn’t spot it the first time either, but if you look closely there it is, underneath the stick-built part of the residence. Or more accurately under the deck – the tiny wooden home itself is only 70 square feet and wouldn’t cover much more than a compact car. Partners Elzie McCall and Julie Hochwender first submerged the bus in the side of a North Carolina mountain, then added a little extra space up top for a better view of the surrounding wilderness.








h/t Tiny House Swoon

The final step of construction brought solar power and gravity fed water for a truly off-grid dwelling in a truly beautiful spot. It wasn’t the final step of Elzie and Julie’s tiny house journey, though; they’ve gone on to offer tiny house design services through their recently formed company Tiny House Movements. They’ve also taken their show on the road, providing tiny house information and education at festivals throughout the south. Their next stop is at the Georgia National Fair in Perry from October 8 through 18, where they’ll be raffling off a newly-built tiny house on wheels.

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