Brevard’s Beautiful New Take On The Popular Minim Home

Bryan Levy’s Minim home has been an incredibly popular design for good reason, and now Brevard has put their own spin on things. If you were led inside Brevard’s new Minim blindfolded and opened your eyes onto the full-width kitchen with so much space between the counter and the woodstove, you’d swear you were in a vintage cottage instead of a 21st century tiny house on wheels. Turning around to view the side-by-side study and fully tiled bathroom probably wouldn’t clue you in either. With no lofts and no cramping, orienting things widthwise rather than lengthwise has achieved a feeling of roominess that’s truly amazing on top of a trailer. There’s no bedroom; the central area, which serves as a living and dining room during the day, at night hosts a bed which pulls out from under the study.















h/t Tiny House Talk

The major tradeoff, though, seems to be lack of storage space – without a loft, all you get are the kitchen cabinets and a bookcase in the study. But for somebody who’s truly downsized their possessions and wants to upsize their tiny living space, the Minim looks like a great option and the tradeoff is worth it.

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