MitchCraft’s unique adobe THOW is for sale as a shell

Even if you didn’t get a chance to see MitchCraft’s adobe THOW at the 2016 Tiny House Jamboree, you still have a chance to own it. Right now it’s for sale at $28,900 as a uniquely styled shell, which leaves you the option of continuing the Southwest theme inside or going with something completely different. (You also have the option of doing the finish work yourself or getting Mitch to do it for you; he estimates final price in that case as $60–$70K.) It’s a fairly big THOW, with 24 feet on the Trailer Made triple-axle goose-neck trailer and another 7 feet of loft over the hitch giving a total area of about 250 square feet. Pro-Panel II metal roofing and half-inch CDX plywood glued and screwed over a 2×4 frame reinforced with Simpson Strong-Tie Holdown Anchors and metal cross straps make it a sturdy place as well. As you’ve probably guessed, the adobe on the outside isn’t real; instead, it’s an inch of EIFS synthetic stucco, which is a lot lighter and less likely to crack. Since the I in EIFS stands for ‘insulation’, it does have similar climate control effects to the dirt version.

MitchCraft Adobe 1

MitchCraft Adobe 2

MitchCraft Adobe 3 MitchCraft Adobe 4

MitchCraft Adobe 5

MitchCraft Adobe 6

h/t Tiny House Talk

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