Peaceful & Private 225 Sq. Ft. Vacation Cottage By The Ocean

This perfect little 225 sq. foot cottage can be found on a picturesque plot of land on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Guests who visit will surely enjoy some peace and quiet as they soak in the beautiful wooded surroundings. Inside you’ll find a traditional studio layout with a single bed, living space, kitchen and bathroom. There’s also a small bunk bed which makes it suitable for 2-3 people to stay comfortably. While the layout may seem a bit odd for full time living, it probably works well if you’re only staying a couple nights.













Images © Airbnb | h/t Tiny House Talk

If this seems like the perfect vacation getaway, be sure to check out the Airbnb listing to learn more. From the glowing reviews it sure seems like a great place to unwind for a weekend – though I’d probably want to stay a lot longer!


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