Perfect Little Guest House in Sonoma’s Wine Country

We don’t know much about this gorgeous little house with a triangular pitched roof, but we really love the design and layout and thought it worth sharing. Here’s what we do know – it was designed by Rohleder Borges Architecture and it’s located in Glen Ellen, a tiny part of Sonoma. Small guest cottages like this are quite common sights in the vineyards around Napa and Sonoma and this one clocks in around 400-500 square feet. Given the price of land in wine country, we can safely assume it cost a small fortune to build. It features an open layout, with a sleeping nook in one corner, a living room in another, and a kitchen alongside another wall. The floor plan seems quite simple, and yet there’s a certain elegance about it. If anyone has more information about this home, please share in the comments – we’d love to learn more!

Sonoma Guest Cottage 4 SSA

Sonoma Guest Cottage 1 SSA

Sonoma Guest Cottage 2 SSA

Sonoma Guest Cottage 3 SSA


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