The Eye-Catching 160sf Rewild Tiny Home

Rewild Homes owner Patrick Whelan got into construction work between university classes; lead builder Brad Whiteside started as soon as he finished high school. They’ve now finished a few tiny houses together for the Vancouver Island business, most recently this one. Like their previous builds, it’s small (at 160 square feet), fully customized, and compliant with British Columbia building codes. There nothing really exceptionally groundbreaking about the design – a living area in back, a galley kitchen leading to a bathroom in front, and a sleeping loft – but it’s saved from being plain by the use of century-old reclaimed barn wood for the floors beams and trim, as well as the massive, eye-catching live edge black walnut kitchen counter tops.












Rewild Homes 1

Rewild Homes 2 Rewild Homes 4

No word on how much this one cost, but Rewild says they generally build in the $20,000 to $60,000 range.

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