Simple Yet Romantic Log Cabin Offers Peaceful Escape

Sandwiched between a modern-looking roof and an expansive deck about an hour outside of Paris is a very traditional wood cabin called La Fuste. The walls are solid timber, there’s no water or electricity, it’s heated by a woodstove, and the toilets are outside. Showers? Well, those are in the castle . . . the 500-year-old Château de Graville, which dominates the property on which La Fuste and six treehouse-style cabins are available for rent. The 215-square-foot Fuste goes for about $150 a night and is completely isolated from the castle and the other guesthouses in a slice of French forest filled with free-roaming horses and songbirds.

log-cabin-in-the-forest-1 log-cabin-in-the-forest-2 log-cabin-in-the-forest-3 log-cabin-in-the-forest-4 log-cabin-in-the-forest-5 log-cabin-in-the-forest-6 log-cabin-in-the-forest-7 log-cabin-in-the-forest-8 log-cabin-in-the-forest-9 log-cabin-in-the-forest-11 log-cabin-in-the-foresth/t Goods Home Design

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