An amazing THOW from an incredible new builder?

First, just take a look at this Bend, Oregon, THOW and see what you think. Go ahead, we’ll wait…

Tanlers 1

Tanlers 2

Tanlers 3

Tanlers 4

Tanlers 5

Tanlers 6

Nice! A slick, professional job, looks great, looks sturdy, all the amenities… a little worried about the price tag, though, these things don’t come cheap, probably at least fifty, well, more like sixty – hey, eighty’s not out of the question…

Well, think again. This is an owner-designed, owner-built house taken from blueprints to trailer to livable home by Cory and Hannah Tanler – and it only cost them about $18,000 all-in. Cory and Hannah had each been interested in tiny houses even before they met and married, and the interval between that happy event and their first child seemed like the perfect time for tiny living. They got to work on the project in earnest last June and moved in this May, parking their house in a wonderful spot close to the Deschutes River, downtown Bend, and their jobs.

The secret to the low cost would be recycled materials from places like Habitat for Humanity ReStore. The secret to the impeccable design and build? We’ll have to put that down to talent and hard work, and take our hats off to the Tanlers.

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