This Aluminum Tiny House Has One Very Incredible Feature

Creativity serves as a foundation for any great tiny house design, as this interesting build certainly demonstrates. Yuri wanted a tiny house for many of the same reasons others do – increased freedom, fewer bills to worry about, and to pursue a simple and uncluttered life. So he set to work designing and building his own tiny house, which he dubbed “The Nautilus”, and took the design from conception to completion in the short span of six months. It has some great design elements, including one very unique feature that I think will seriously impress you. Check it out below.

He chose an all-aluminum trailer as the base, and cut his own aluminum studs to use for the walls.


 He used aluminum for the roof framing as well, carefully welding each piece in place.



Almost complete!yuris-aluminum-tiny-house-project-0016

The front entrance shown below, with a tall space for the sleeping loft.


A geometric half dome encased in class creates a peaceful place to hang out in one of the upper lofts.




Yuri seems to be comfortable as he settles into full time tiny living.


Floating bookshelves add a nice decorative touch in the living space.



A composting toilet and standing shower round out the bathroom.



Yuri researched environmentally friendly construction alternatives, and used much of what he learned in the finished product.





Check out this video to see the sliding loft in action!

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