Tiny Buddhaful Hॐme Brings Peace, Love, Happiness To Its Owner

A former banker who suddenly thought better of it, Haley Kalb is now a teacher of yoga and practitioner of Ayurveda. Along with her new lifestyle came a new house – a tiny house on wheels she’s named her Buddhaful Hॐme (ॐ being the Sanskrit for the sacred “Om” sound). The house did take longer than her career shift; Haley drooled over tiny house pictures on the Internet for nearly a year before actually visiting one. The day she did that was the day she reserved a lakefront space in an Orlando RV park for her own tiny home. She had an existing shell customized to her specifications and moved in two months later. Three months after that she’s well settled in and even has a hand-carved name sign for her home.












Images © Haley Kalb | h/t Tiny House Design

As reflected by her philosophical leanings, it’s a pretty simple place. She doesn’t do much cooking, so a microwave, hotplate and mini-fridge serve for the kitchen. There’s not much headroom in the loft (especially with Haley’s current extra-thick mattress, which she’s trying to sell), but there are real stairs leading up to it so her dog can sleep there too. Downstairs, a large daybed with a view of the lake and décor combining original artwork and Buddhist iconography make the Hॐme a pleasant place for relaxation and meditation.

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