Portable cabin with a crib and room to grow

Here’s a great family home and a great introduction to the custom work of Dave Bates, who owns Tiny Portable Cedar Cabins out in Spirit Lake, Idaho. The 400-square-foot Urban Cabin is one of Dave’s larger builds and even has a nursery complete with a crib, play mat and toy storage. (Swap the crib for bunk beds and there’d be room for a younger sibling…) The nursery’s next to a big bathroom and looks across a living area to a full-width kitchen at the other end of the house.

Urban Cabin 2

To one side, stairs climb over a washer/dryer unit to a low-ceilinged but large – and just as importantly, private – loft master bedroom. Huge windows on the ground floor let in lots of natural light, and the upper windows also crank open to ventilate the loft.

Urban Cabin 1

The Urban Cabin is portable, but not as easily as tinier houses. The 14-foot width meant it had to ride a tractor-trailer to its Washington State destination, costing the new owners several thousand dollars in transport fees. Of course, that’s no more than you’d pay a moving company to haul your furniture between two standard-sized houses in different states – and the Urban Cabin’s $45,000 base price should leave most homebuyers with plenty in the budget to cover delivery.

Urban Cabin 3

Urban Cabin 4

Urban Cabin 5

Urban Cabin 6

Urban Cabin 7

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