Comfy micro-chalet on the slopes of Golden, CO - Tiny House for Us

Comfy micro-chalet on the slopes of Golden, CO

Comfy micro-chalet on the slopes of Golden, CO

The Wee Miner’s striking angular exterior of polished corrugated metal and faux stone gives way to an unexpectedly plain, functional interior. But if you’re staying in it, you’re probably more interested in outdoor scenery anyway – it’s located on two acres in the mountains above skiing and hiking destination Golden, Colorado. And you’ll probably have more than a usual appreciation for “functional” after a full day on the slopes or the trails. The kitchen features a fridge/freezer combo and a three-burner stove, microwave and convection oven for cooking and baking; the bathroom has a hot water shower and a Dry Flush toilet; and there’s a large, cozy bed in the loft. The Wee Miner is a Canadian import and insulated accordingly to keep its guests warm during the coldest of ski seasons. Booking is via Airbnb at $130 a night.

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