An urban ‘treehouse’ from a master furniture maker

The Tree-cycle isn’t a treehouse (although with all the green leafy trees surrounding it and the amount of wood inside, it could almost pass for one), and appearances aside, it’s not located in some trackless forest. It’s actually within Austin city limits, and at $98 a night it looks like a great alternative to a hotel room there. Built by master furniture maker Wolf Sittler in 2015, the Tree-cycle includes amenities such as a kitchenette with mini-fridge, microwave, coffeemaker and hotplate; shower and flush toilet; a comfy couch; and a queen bed. The branches overhanging the relatively few windows combine with the natural wood interior to make it a little dark inside, but all in all it seems like a cozy, comfortable place to spend a few days (or more; weekly rentals are $680). Be sure to check out the other great, not-so-tiny vacation rental properties on the CharWolf site, too!

Tree-cycle 1

Tree-cycle 2

Tree-cycle 3

Tree-cycle 4

Tree-cycle 5

Tree-cycle 6

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