Tiny house village in the Sierra Nevada Mountains

Lemon Cove, a small town in California’s San Joaquin Valley, is getting a little bigger – and a little tinier, too. It’s the eponymous site of a 55-unit tiny house village, and it makes quite a nice setting for tiny living, close to Sequoia National Park and Lake Kaweah and with great views of the nearby Sierra Nevada Mountains. Lemon Cove Village itself is situated on an old KOA campground that’s been divided into lots accessible via new gravel roads. Laundry and bathroom facilities left over from the site’s campground days have been renovated, so even folks with the most basic tiny homes should get along fine here. There’s also a community room for socializing with other residents, complete with a pool table and big screen TV. Water, electric, sewer and high speed Internet connections are all available. The village opened in February of 2016 and already has a few houses, including a nice one by California Tiny House, but there are still plenty of spaces available. You can follow their Facebook page to keep track of who’s moving in.


Lemon Cove 2

Lemon Cove 3

Lemon Cove 5

Lemon Cove 6

Lemon Cove 7

Lemon Cove 8

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