Tiny tavern brings a full bar to your yard

Tongue & Groove Tiny Homes’ first build, completed just last year, was a fine and functional THOW called the Hiatus. Their second is a much more unique TTOW – Tiny Tavern On Wheels. At 200 square feet it’s actually a little bigger than the Hiatus and has room for six kegs of beer, one for each barfly seated at one of its six fold-out bar stools. For patrons who prefer the fruit of the vine or the hard stuff, it also holds a wine rack and liquor shelf. There’s space for two bartenders to work side by side, as well as several built-in games: a fold-out Ping-Pong table, KanJam, washer toss, and cornhole. If you’re in the Bend, Oregon, area you can rent the Tiny Tavern for your outdoor events; it’s $700 a day if you do your own bartending, + $325 for one bartender / $535 for two. If you don’t think one day with the TTOW would be enough, Tongue & Groove is willing to discuss selling it; contact them to talk about the details.

Tongue & Groove Tiny Tavern 1

Tongue & Groove Tiny Tavern 2

Tongue & Groove Tiny Tavern 3

Tongue & Groove Tiny Tavern 4

Tongue & Groove Tiny Tavern 5

h/t Tiny House Talk

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