Evan’s Adventuremobile is the coolest van conversion ever

A young man called Evan Jordan has finished creating a cub-cadet-yellow Adventuremobile just in time for the ultimate summer road trip. It’s a 2006 Ford E250 that Evan found on craigslist and spent four months turning into a slick ride that doubles as a motel-free home away from home. Working weekends and evenings (which last was a lot easier after he got the LEDs in), Evan de-rusted, repainted and insulated the van, put in a Fiberine hightop that gives six-and-a-half feet of headroom, totally redid the interior, and added solar panels with deep cycle batteries for electricity and a propane tank for heat and cooking gas. The completed vehicle has a memory foam mattress and a fridge/freezer, but no plumbing; water is from military-grade LCI five-gallon plastic cans. If you have the time and the bandwidth you can read the whole story and see the high-res photos at Evan’s Imgur album; or check out the condensed photo tour below.

Adventuremobile 00

Adventuremobile 02

Adventuremobile 03

Adventuremobile 04

Adventuremobile 05

Adventuremobile 06

Adventuremobile 07

Adventuremobile 08

Adventuremobile 09

Adventuremobile 10

Adventuremobile 11

Adventuremobile 12

Adventuremobile 13

Adventuremobile 14

Adventuremobile 15

Adventuremobile 16

Adventuremobile 17


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