Offgrid Retreat Looks Like Shantytown, But Inside The Domes Are Magical

The Dragonfly Desert Retreat consists of two geometric plywood domes which don’t look like much from the outside. Inside, though, they’re both attractively furnished and one is brightly painted in a style reminiscent of local Native American artwork. The retreat offers great views of the California High Desert near Joshua Tree and the mountains beyond. There’s also a small swimming pool, a luxury in the area since the water has to be trucked in. Solar panels provide enough electricity for the lights and a laptop, but can’t keep up with the demands of a coffeemaker or toaster, let alone a refrigerator, so food should be brought along in a cooler.







Off-Grid-Desert-Dome-Retreat-002-600x396 Off-Grid-Desert-Dome-Retreat-004-600x398


Off-Grid-Desert-Dome-Retreat-011-600x399 Off-Grid-Desert-Dome-Retreat-010-600x398

h/t Tiny House Talk

The domes start at $99 a night, and you’ll want to go before winter – it doesn’t usually get below freezing in the area, but those uninsulated plywood walls mean it doesn’t have to before you feel the chill.

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