From Crumbling Old Garage To Stylish 320sf Living Space

Credit for this 320-square-foot Seattle garage conversion goes to local firm SHED Architecture & Design. Obviously they had to add a lot to change it from a place to park the car into a livable home, but SHED’s team had the unique idea of retaining as much of the garage functionality as possible in the process. That shows up mostly in the storage arrangements: the pot hangers, bookshelves and kitchen cabinets are all original. Fortunately this garage also had a peaked roof which allowed for the installation of a sleeping loft.

Still garage-like in form, but no longer in function.


The preexisting cabinets and metal beams were sanded down and repainted. Garage-Conversion4

The living room, unsurprisingly, opens onto the street. This is where the car used to go. Garage-Conversion5

A view into the bathroom, with plenty of shelf space to store towels outside. Garage-Conversion6

Plenty of headroom in the loft. The bedroom closet is built into the floor!Garage-Conversion7

There’s a pleasant garden area outside.Garage-Conversion2

Project by Shedbuilt

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