How a widowed East German artist found a new life in a New Zealand house truck

High in the clouds New Zealand’s Golden Bay, up a steep hill and over five streams, you’ll find this beautiful handcrafted house truck. Built by master furniture maker Paul Wellington, it’s belonged to Luane Brauner for the past eight years. Luane, an artist who grew up in East Germany, had moved to New Zealand a couple of years earlier following the death of her husband. When a friend introduced her to someone who owned a house truck, she decided she wanted one of her own. She found a great one – and a great place to park it – and say she loves it more and more every day.

Credit for the story, and for the photos and video below, goes to Jola Josie, who grew up in a house truck traveling to gypsy fairs around New Zealand and made it her one-year mission to document the lifestyle of the country’s modern ‘gypsies’ (who are, for the most part, no relation to the Romany ones). See lots more house trucks (and Luane’s studio) on her website,!

h/t Tiny House Talk

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