He Started With A Van, Added Hay Bales, And Made A Home

Cud Eastbound is pretty innovative with names – he calls his 1977 Dodge camper van “Night Danger” – and very innovative in his living arrangements. Oh, it’s not that he’s living in his van; plenty of people do that. It’s that he spent last winter living in it in the Klondike region of Yukon, where temperatures can get down to 50 below. (Celsius or Fahrenheit? Does it really matter at that point?) Surviving that climate required a lot more insulation than Cud could pack inside the body of the van, so he turned outward, completely encasing the vehicle in a generous layer of 117 hay bales which he then covered with plastic wrap.


He’d already custom built a woodstove to fit inside, so all he had left to do was tack on a long and well-insulated exhaust pipe, purchase a carbon monoxide detector, and settle in for the winter. Strange as it ended up looking, it worked like a charm: Cud reports that he consistently recorded internal temperatures of a comfortable 30° C (86° F) and carbon monoxide levels of a very reassuring zero parts per million.








Straw Bale plastic4

Straw Bale snow

Learn more about Cud and his winterized van here http://nightdanger.lostwarren.com/

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