Incredible Recycled Home Built From Salvaged Materials

Everyone brings a different vision to the table when they set out to build and design their own home, and Jaime is no different. What is different though is the end-result, which takes on a completely unique appearance unlike anything we’ve seen before. As an artist living in Uruguay, Jaime ‘s inspired vision was guided by a notion that recycling means more than just dropping your cans and bottles in the correct container. For him, recycling offers a chance to take materials and re-imagine how they’re meant to be used.

Of course, inspiration is often born from your surroundings, so when he came upon a perfect piece of land in Florianópolis, located in the southern end of Brazil, he knew it would make the perfect setting for his project. It’s an ideal location near Praia Brava, which provides crystal clear tropical waters, fine grained sand beaches, and powerful waves for surfing. Upon completion of the build he put the colorful home on Airbnb, and now travelers from around the world can share in the inspiration contained within these walls and beyond into the natural setting.

The walkway up to the home is framed by hundreds of used bottles, resulting in a dazzling array of colors.


The home brings together a mixture of traditional timber framing and whimsical finishes, but also includes all the modern amenities like a kitchen, a/c, internet, and a private bathroom.


A kaleidoscope of color makes nearly everything in the home a sight to behold.



The lofted sleeping area provides an enchanting spot to rest, with beautiful views on all sides.







h/t true activist


Clearly Jaime has a talented eye for design, as this isn’t just a home but a work of art meant to inspire those lucky enough to spend a night here. For more information about this beautiful home, check out the Airbnb listing, which offers a nighly rate of just $63 – surely a bargain for this little piece of paradise.

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