How to build for extreme conditions – and spectacular views

The lozenge-like Kanin Winter Cabin is just a little over 100 square feet and so lightweight that it took a military helicopter to its spectacular location. That’s the Slovenian Army and Mount Kanin, on the Balkan country’s Italian border. The cabin was designed by OFIS Arhitekti and Contemporary Building Design (CBD) and is constructed of glass and aluminum panels over a cross-laminated timber frame. It’s primarily meant as a test of materials and architectural design techniques for difficult terrain and extreme weather conditions. You can judge the terrain from the photos; as for the weather on Mount Kanin, it defeated the army’s first three attempts to deliver the cabin. Should be a pretty thorough test! But the location was also chosen for its scenic beauty, and the structure will be available as a shelter for the hikers and mountaineers who frequent the area. There’s not much inside except a rack of antlers and a few shelves to sleep on, but it can accommodate up to nine people and has stunning views of surrounding peaks and the Adriatic Sea.






h/t Curbed

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