A luxurious tiny theatre in your own yard

If it weren’t for the porch you might mistake this for a particularly nice garden shed, but it’s actually a luxurious mini-theater from the Torii Cinema Company of Bedford, England. In-home cinemas have been around almost as long as movies themselves, but have generally been the preserve of well-to-do movie buffs living in mansions spacious enough to contain them. Doing it this way means you don’t have to give up a room or two of your house to the project, and Torrii’s surprisingly reasonable prices mean you don’t have to be a millionaire to afford it. Their entry-level package, a 108-square-foot place, costs around £9,500 ($15,000), and they offer the 140-square-foot model with porch shown here for £17,500 (27,000).

Movie Theater Tiny 1

That includes all the audiovisual wiring and components, such as 5.1 surround sound with an underfloor subwoofer; a streaming-enabled, 3D-capable Blu-ray player, and a 1080p HD projector, as well as the richly upholstered chairs, velvet curtains, and other interior décor. And Torrii hints that, with the right location, they can build a micro-cinema with considerably more visual interest to the exterior – they have plans drawn up for a treehouse theater, and they’re also interested in doing a hobbit hole version.

Movie Theater Tiny 2

Movie Theater Tiny 3

Movie Theater Tiny 4

Movie Theater Tiny 5

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